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I am Boo, the first-born teddy bear of the Trainor family, and the longtime editor of this Valentine site. Welcome to the 2020 edition of our site. My family apologizes for never getting back to post the 2019 edition as well as the shortened version here of 2020.

Trainor Update

The last year has been intense, filled with a few joyful hellos and too many tearful goodbyes. Our hellos have included:

  • On Labor Day (2SEP19), Brooke and Kevin’s first grandson (second grandchild) Jack was born to my sister Caitlin and my brother-in-law John. Jack is the little brother to Audrey. He arrived with a full head of hair and a pleasing personality. Jack is such a happy boy and Audrey shows a lot of enthusiasm towards him.
  • In May, we moved into our new townhouse at Valley Lo North in Glenview. This newly rehabbed unit in a well-established development has become the perfect comfy home for Brooke, Kevin, and the teddy bears. More important, it has a room for Audrey and Jack when they come to visit, as well as any house guests. Additionally Audrey loves the sub-division’s swimming pool.

Our sad goodbyes have included:

  • Bob Buscemi, Brooke’s Daddy, at age 90.
  • Theresa Hughes, Kevin’s aunt, at age 92.
  • Janice Egberts, Kevin’s aunt, at age 85.
  • Ron Krajewski, our friend, at age 85.
  • Jay Clark, our friend, at age 61.

Sometimes we’re so busy chasing all the things we haven’t got that we forget to notice the things we already have, the people in our lives and the fortunate circumstances in which we live.

from one of Jay’s last posts

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